• Q: What type of furniture does ARSPA produce?
    A: ARSPA produces high class 1800s style home furnishings.

  • Q: Is all of the furniture produced exclusively by ARSPA, or only part of it?
    A: Since it has a complete organisation, ARSPA is capable of producing its own furniture entirely, including polishing and upholstery.

  • Q: So the Company is capable of satisfying any special request on the part of the client!?
    A: Of course! And in addition to the furniture present in the catalogue, ARSPA also produces made-to-order furnishings and complete upholstering. The firm also offers an attentive professional consultancy service which, through drawings and mock-ups, is capable of translating into reality anything that was previously just… a simple idea.

  • Q: With what essences and finishing are these furnishings produced?
    A: ARSPA generally produces any type of furniture, in the essences of ash briar root, walnut, cherry and birch, with no difference in price. The firm also uses a wide array of finishing techniques, a sample of which is provided to the client.