Design is the beginning of a normal productive process, upon which the probability of success of any finished product is based.
That means carefully designing each phase necessary for the realisation of a product, whether it is a single piece or a complex programme, "made to order", like the "MODULAR EMPIRE" line, which represents the final phase of a vast series of home furnishing proposals.

Our proposal offers the possibility to completely furnish the empty walls of a home with classical, modular furnishings, coordinated wood panelling, fireplaces and mirrors.

Without forgetting the technical advantages of a modular programme, this line is particularly attentive to the aesthetic aspects, obtaining a result that is different from other modular lines, right down to the fine details, like the mouldings and the base.

Characteristic elements of our "Modular System" with the result that all pieces are perfectly adaptable to our entire Empire Style line of production.

ARSPA furnishings are built with the technique of "veneering". This technique considerably reduces, if it does not entirely eliminate, the natural risks of the piece of furniture splitting along the direction of the wood grain, which can be caused by atmospheric effects or simple climatic changes inside rooms. In the parts of the furnishings that are necessarily built of solid wood, all of the crafting is carried out with embedded notch work, precisely to avoid effects of this type.

This technique also provides the possibility of enriching the furniture with inlaid details and with the play of the flaming. To obtain furniture of high value, ARSPA utilises woods such as national walnut flower, briarroot of ash and cherry. These are the things that reveal the professionalism of the workmanship and the love for artisan techniques, which must be rediscovered and preserved.

National Walnut

Ash Briar Root



In order to make particular our product we use handicraft tecniques of polishing and to make enhance the natural beauty of the wood we use only natural products, such as earth dissolved in water and hand-laid bee wax.

The result of our wise work is a furniture of big prestige, from the appearance extremely cared, destined to go on and to acquire value in the time � in confirmation of our motto: "identifying ourselves in a piece of furniture".